Monday, August 18, 2008

OpenOffice issues - Dictionary, Impress Hyperlink Wrapping

As I'm trying to move to, I just finished dealing with 2 issues under 3.0 beta 2 worth documenting.

English Dictionaries

After working with a previous version, I was surprised to see that the spell checking was apparently broken after installing the latest beta. The "English spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesaurus", version 20051213, appeared under the Extension Manager. Everything appeared in-order under Tools / Options / Language Settings.

I eventually found an answer buried in the Community Forum by juanon on 2008-08-06 (which I then echoed).

Basically, it appears that the current version of the "English spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesaurus" extension (version 20051213) is missing files en_US.dic and en_US.aff, which can be downloaded from (linked to from the Dictionaries page on the Wiki.)

Hyperlink Wrapping in Impress

I was pretty impressed with's presentation product, Impress. It stands to compete with Microsoft PowerPoint. The one issue I was running into was getting Hyperlinks to wrap lines. I finally found an existing issue logged for this: 43494 - "hyperlinks should support word wrap".

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